The Adair Club was formed in 2014 with the main purpose of the club being to help keep new and young members engaged, especially if their lodge has a lot of older or more experienced members.

There are also some new masons who are very keen to get involved quickly and wish to visits lodges with a group, visiting with the Adair club  gives them a way to do this.  We are also there to help with your Masonic journey, before hopefully completing your journey into the Royal Arch and beyond into other Orders.

As well as keeping new members engaged the club also helps to recruit new members by running social events that are open to new masons, and their friends and families.

The Club is named after Brig-Gen Adair who when appointed in 1863 was the youngest Provincial Grand Master for Somerset at the age of 34. This is why his name is associated with the Somerset Light Blues – in that it is for the younger brethren, not just in age but in the time spent in Freemasonry.


If you would like to invite the Adair Club to visit your lodge to provide a short presentation and engage with your new members please contact us.